Laser Treatments
Laser treatments are an intensive method to reduce freckles and darkened skin. After treatment the skin will be smoother, evenly toned, and tightened with minimized pores.
Acne Treatment
With the exclusive acne treatment from Nitipon Clinic, acne will be eradicated completely and the skin will recover faster with topical products.
Wrinkle Reduction/ Skin Rejuvenation/ V-Line Shaping
Firming sagging skin, remove eye wrinkles, V-line cheeks shaping and moisturize skin.
Scar Treatment
Use micro needling to fill the pockmark, regenerate the skin, treat the problem of pigmentation.
Slimming And Fat Reduction
To reduce fat by the area as per request: belly/ hand/ thigh/ waist with modern technology without surgery, effective and absolutely safe.
Shaping/ Filling
Removing wrinkles, smile line, lip liner with filler - a modern technology allowed by the FDA.
Facial Therapies
Provides deep penetration into the skin with cold compressors and vibrators, which help the skin to easily absorb the essence, anti-aging, smoothen and stretch the skin.
Hair Removal
Hair removal by IPL